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A Heart-Touching Eulogy For a Father


When my father died, I was so consumed with sadness that for a moment I couldn’t think of what to do for the next seconds of my life. I couldn’t help but wonder at those times why some people has to go and leave the world while others have to suffer for the pain caused by the loss. I thought that my father’s loss was the end of all things. I lost my sense of security. All of a sudden the world became a terrifying place to live in. I lost my sense of direction that I fortunately was able restore after a great realization. I know the pain incurred by the loss of a father. I understand the loss and I won’t wonder why losing a father is very painful.

Whenever I hear a eulogy for a father, I can’t help but be reminded of the same eulogy I heard when my father died. Every word in a eulogy for a father seems to reverberate in my mind. It reminds me of the tears I shed while listening to my brother delivering a funeral eulogy for my father. The words spoken never brought back the life of my father, but for once, the people it made the people realize the importance of their own life and I know that at that moment we all had our share of reminiscing the good times with my father.

A eulogy for a father is a tribute for a very important person who has a major impact in your life. Delivering a eulogy for a father is a way to let other people know the best things about your father, the legacy he left in this world, and the great plans he had in his life. A eulogy should be heartfelt and should express your grief and sadness, as well as your hope for his eternal happiness. It is also a great chance to thank the people who have expresses their sympathy and support to the family in a eulogy. It should be expressed in a eulogy the desire of the family to make the person remembered for his goodness and contributions.

All eulogies should stick in the mind and hearts of the readers. Nobody wants to hear a dull eulogy during such an occasion. People expect to hear a eulogy that could touch the inner being of every person present in the funeral. It should not be the only desire of the person delivering a eulogy to speak incessantly and bubble words that would not mean a thing to all people listening. Instead, the speaker should be able to effectively convey his emotions and thoughts about the passing of a very important person. It should leave a lasting impact on the listeners. A eulogy for a father should be able to make other people cry when you talk about the pain for the great loss and smile when you look back and realized how happy it was when he was still around.

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