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Article Writing Tips – Write For People, Not For Search Engines

I am going to get a ton of slack for this article but what the heck. It’s about time that somebody told you the truth about writing articles for the purpose of marketing your products and services. And since nobody really wants to do that, I’m going to bite the bullet and take on the challenge. Yes, when you write articles, you need to write for people and NOT for search engines. I am going to explain why.

Let’s start with this nonsense of keyword density. What a load of hogwash. Let me tell you something. If you write an article for a real live human being to read, the keyword density will work itself out and your article will end up getting indexed just like it should. By trying to game the search engines by stuffing your articles with keywords, you only end up ticking them off and getting your articles buried if listed at all. So don’t worry about keyword density. Just write like you’re speaking to somebody in person.

Next is the actual content of the article itself. Look, people are reading these articles because they have real problems that need to be solved. If you give them a bunch of meaningless words that don’t say anything, they’re going to end up walking away from your article in a very foul mood. And another thing…don’t bore your readers to death. Try to make the article have a little life to it for crying out loud. Nobody wants to read an obituary.

Finally, there’s your resource box. This is another area where article marketers lose their audience. No offense, but nobody gives a rat’s behind who you are. So starting your article with something like, “Jane Smith is an Internet marketer with…” is going to have them clicking, not to your site, but away from your article. They will not look back and they will never become one of your customers. You have to give them a resource box with a benefit…something that will solve their problem. That’s what they want.

That’s it. It’s not rocket science. Give people what they want and the search engines will take care of themselves. I guarantee it.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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