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Bereavement and In Loving Memory Poems


Funeral attendees can include bereavement poems and in loving memory poems with the program and distribute it to anyone who is interested in attending the memorial service, including family, friends, acquaintances. Funeral programs provide details of the deceased life such as special funeral poems, readings, verses, and a funeral obituary. Bereavement Poetry is often incorporated in the funeral service and included inside the program. There are various types of specific funeral poems for mom, dad, grandfather and grandmother.

The funeral poems for father often inlcude words of guidance, strength, and leadership. Poems can play to be an encouragement for the soul during a particularly trying time. For the services that are religious or non-relgious, poems such as these are always appropriate. They can help comfort those who need it emotionally with its words of encouragement, hope, and love. It can trigger memories that are fond and cherished thereby giving the person a warm feeling of memories. It’s important during this time to keep spirits up as much as possible.

It is also important to let the family grieve and let them go through that process. Doing so, is all a part of the healing process. Bereavement poems have often lifted me up from a period of despair or loneliness. There is something about the words and the eloquence of how they are formulated in poetry that is soothing to a spiritual soul. It reads gracefully and the words are flow smoothly. That is why poetry books have been preserved throughout the centuries and we still read the today.

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