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Buying Plantable Cards


Plantable cards are fast becoming famous. They have become the primary choice especially when favors for certain occasions are being considered. What are these plantable favors? In essence, they are environmentally or eco-friendly favors or tokens which can be given as a sign of gratitude or thanks to people who attend a wedding, an anniversary and even a funeral.

Just like any other cards, plantable cards can be written in or printed with beautiful wordings. This means that if you plan to give them away during a wedding or a funeral, they can be written with expressions of thanks. Truth be told, most cards which are plantable are being used as appreciation tokens after a funeral – the bereaved family sends them to the people who joined them in their time of grief, with some thank you wordings inside.

The plantable cards are embedded most often with wildflower seeds. After the recipient reads the contents of the card, it can then be planted on a pot or a flower bed and soon enough, wildflowers will bloom. However, when looking for or buying plantable cards, one must be wary of the composition of the cards. They must be made in biodegradable materials. You must also make sure what type of flower or wildflower seeds are embedded in the cards. It would also be a great idea to opt for customizable cards instead of those you can buy from specialty stores.


The idea behind this is so that you can have a picture of the deceased on the envelope, or even write a personalized message. Indeed, plantable cards give a different kind of touch to a funeral. When the recipients see the flowers bloom, they would, in effect be seeing a living reminder of the deceased.

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