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Catholic Funeral Mass Cards


Catholic funeral mass cards are available in a variety of styles and designs. They are also referred to as funeral prayer cards with various Catholic saints and patriarchs depicting on the front cover. Some are actually made in Italy and contain metallic imagery in the design They are very beautiful.

These cards can be handed out prior to the funeral mass or after. You can distribute them with the funeral programs if you like. Some families also distribute them in the wake or visitation. It is a good token of remembrance to hand out. A prayer or novena is generally written on the back of these cards.

The preprinted funeral mass cards do not contain a photo of the deceased on the front since they are already  preprinted with a front design. However, you can insert a photo on the back as long as the prayer is not very long and there is still ample room. If you do not include a photo, you can put the name and date of the deceased and the prayer beneath it. It is perfectly acceptable not to have a photo on the mass cards if room does not allow for it.

There are templates for funeral mass cards in which you can insert a photo on the front cover of the card. Because they are not preprinted, you can easily place a photo of your loved one on the cover. These templates are made so you are able to print it yourself and laminate it, if desired.

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