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Catholic Prayer Cards and Templates


During a funeral mass, most families like to distribute catholic prayer cards which they create from templates. Using templates makes the process much easier and you can print on demand. The prayer cards used in Catholic services often have various types of imagery on the front cover.

The most popular designs appear to be the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Blessed Mary or Mother, Lady of Perpetual Help, or Saint Anthony. There are also a combination of any of these pictured together. Catholic prayer cards can be purchased preprinted or in a do-it-yourself method. It will depend on your availability and time to that you have in preparation which will determine which may be the best option for you.

Obviously, creating them yourself is always a time saver because you save more money by doing it this way. There are some definite advantages of ordering prayer cards in this fashion however, if you just don’t have the time or energy, you can always purchase them preprinted and ready for distribution.

The back of the card offers a Catholic prayer such as Christ Have Mercy, Hail Mary, or Our Father. You can also find funeral related prayers printed for the back as well. On preprinted prayer cards, the photo of the deceased is not placed on the front cover but rather on the reverse side above the prayer. Sometimes, there is no photo placed and just contains the name and date of birth/death of the individual along with the prayer.

The do-it-yourself templates allow for more flexibility in that you can place the photo on the front or the back, or not at all, if you so desire.

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