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Chauffeur Etiquette


A professional chauffeur will show up at least 10 minutes early as a courtesy or always on time. He or she should introduce themselves and ask if there is anything that needs to be brought to the limousine.

If your chauffeur didn’t get an opportunity to introduce him or herself due to you conversing with one of your guests, it should be done after you are inside as long as he or she gets an opportunity. Your chauffeur should never be intrusive.

For early morning reservations, unless otherwise instructed your chauffeur should never ring the door bell or knock on the door. Children and other family members could be still sleeping.

Your chauffeur should always ask and make a valiant attempt to carry your luggage and any other bags to and from your limousine.

This one is a matter of timing, keeping in mind City by laws and company expenses. Your chauffeur should make his or her best effort to ensure that your limousine is at a comfortable temperature. At least once throughout your trip, you should be asked if the temperature is comfortable and request that you please let him or her know if you would like a change.

If a client is running late, a professional chauffeur will never put his or her hands on their hips or let a client see them checking the time. This can present a negative message that the chauffeur is impatient.

Attire: Traditional and professional chauffeurs wear crisp, clean solid black uniforms. Coloured ties should not be worn. For straight ties: black or a black & gray mixture is permissible. For bow ties: black. A chauffeur’s attire should never draw attention; it should always keep them in the background.

Professional chauffeurs do not wear sunglasses outside of the limousine. As they present a psychological barrier between the chauffeur and the client/s. Doing so can present a negative message. Eye contact shows that he or she is interested and focused on you.

The limousine should never be parked too close to a curb or where the rear door is over a manhole cover, a puddle of water or soft and wet ground. Depending on the event or occasion, women wear heels and they could get stuck in the holes or grates. Parking over water and soft, wet ground; if she is wearing a long dress, her dress could get wet and dirty or her heels will get stuck in the soft ground. Parking too close to a curb will make it somewhat difficult for ladies and especially elderly people to sit and exit the limousine.

When entering your limousine, especially ladies, your chauffeur should offer to hold any items in your hand (with the exception of your purse), until you are inside. Proper etiquette is to sit on the seat and keeping your legs together, swing them inside. If you prefer, before entering, you may extend your hand to your chauffeur and of course he or she should accept the gesture.

If it is your first time being in a limousine, after you have entered and gotten settled in, your chauffeur should brief you on where everything is and how to operate the controls.

Ladies normally have their hair well styled. For that reason, your chauffeur should ensure that the windows are not down too low as the wind can ruin their hair style.

After arriving at each destination, your chauffeur should be given enough time to get to your door and open it. When ladies are about to exit the limousine, your chauffeur should extend his or her hand to assist you.

Exiting a limousine usually occurs from the right rear passenger door. Proper etiquette for ladies, especially when exiting a stretch limousine is, sit on the seat, and ensure the dress is covering your legs. Depending on the neckline of the dress, your left hand is placed over the chest and your right hand is extended to your chauffeur. Keep your legs together, swing them out and stand. Using this method, you have executed the process like a true lady who has class, style, grace and elegance. Please remember to give your chauffeur enough time to open the door and assist you.

When required, give the elderly assistance with entering and exiting the limousine. If they are comfortable with it, walk them to the entrance.

When a gentleman is exiting a limousine he should also sit on the seat, swing his legs out and stand. Putting your weight on door handles and doors should always be avoided; otherwise it could result in damage at the client’s expense.

At the end of the evening, whether it is one or multiple drop offs, especially for ladies, the elderly and kids, your chauffeur should ask the primary client if he or she can wait an extra few minutes to visually ensure that their guests safely get inside their residences.

By following these simple steps, even if this is your first time to be in a limousine, you will have the knowledge of an individual who has been utilizes limousines services for years.

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