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if your planning on creating your own funeral programs, funeral service programs or memorial service programs with the help of templates, there are web resources online that provide cheap funeral programs using this method. Be careful on purchasing the cheapest programs offered. The less expensive price tag may not mean your getting the best deal.

Often you get what you pay for in templates. It’s critical templates are setup correctly and formatted properly in order to be considered a template. If it is not done properly, you will have problems in printing and opening the file. You may also encounter issues with the photos which you will insert inside the program template. So be cautious on the templates that are offered at low prices. Often, the quality of these programs are not up to par or considered of professional quality.

Here are some important tips on what to look for when deciding where to purchase your programs:

  • Look for a front and back design within the template
  • Choose a web resource that offers the templates specifically in WORD, Publisher, and Apple iWork Pages
  • Make sure they have live support
  • Make sure the templates are set in high resolution (or 300 dpi which is fit for commercial press)
  • Check their refund policy and terms of use
  • Read website reviews or customer testimonials

By following these items above, you will save yourself some headaches after purchase. Planning a funeral is a time sensitive event and if you take the above precautions, you won’t waste any time trying to put together your funeral program.

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