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Create A Farewell Poem

Create A Farewell Poem

Create A Farewell Poem To Say Goodbye To Your Family

Several of our customers have asked us to create for them a farewell poem, to be read at the service.  The poem can express your love, joy, pride, memories of your family, with parting thoughts that may be too emotional for you to express to them in person.

What a beautiful parting gift to your loved ones!

Hello Judith.  I just read the poem you wrote for me, and it was so beautiful.  You captured me in the exact words I would like to have used, but couldn’t do it myself.  The poem fits me perfectly and left the exact message I wanted for my family.

It’s As Easy As 1,2, 3!

Judith can create a poem just for you.

Judith will translate your feelings into poetry – as a special token of your love for your loved one.

Judith has created poetry about grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles.

Her poetry has also helped folks convey their feelings when they were at a loss for what to say when it came to sensitive subjects such as an estranged family member, death by suicide, or by drug overdose.

So say farewell to the ordinary and separate yourself and your loved one, from all others.

Judith is a worker bee, toiling several hours on each poem. She  knocks every poem ‘out of the park’. You might expect to have to pay hundreds of dollars for an original poem of this calibre.

The price is $69.97.

We will ask you to fill out a form to tell us about your loved one.  Such things as;

  • your favorite memories
  • or what made them special?
  • Why you loved them?
  • Their favorite things and sayings.
  • Their acts of kindness or courage.
  • and whatever you would like included in the poem.

Also if the poem will be;

  • read aloud, inserted in the funeral program, or given out as a hand out?
  • Would you like it to be religious, (as in mention of an after-life)  or non-religious?
Create A Farewell Poem
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