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Custom Funeral Program Covers


Creating custom funeral program covers can be a rewarding experience. A custom cover is one that shows the deceased photo embedded on top of a heavenly or serene background. The back design of the deceased photo can be anything depicting serenity, peace, comfort, hope, or spiritual.

Often, families will find a special photo of their loved one and then have the background removed and superimposed onto a new background. There could be multiple photos for the custom cover of the funeral program and done in a collage like format and layout. Or there could just be one large one. This of course, will all depend on the size of the program.

The large style booklets which are tabloid 11 x 17 in dimensions are more adequate to hold multiple photos for the custom cover. You should first decide on the style of the program before you selecting photos for the cover. If you love many photos and want to use those, then selecting a larger style program will be best to house your information.

To do a realistic job on creating the cover, you should use programs such as Photoshop which will enable you to remove the background of the original photo and replaced with another. The web resource below offers this service as well if you are not skilled in accomplishing this or are under a tight timeframe. Delegate or utilize such resources in order to free you up to take care of other details within the program service.

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