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Home / Discount Funeral Service Programs

Discount Funeral Service Programs


With today’s U.S. economy and the rising cost of funeral costs, finding the best price funeral can be challenging. Fortunately, there are more and more resources surfacing on the internet where you can find the best reduced cost solutions for the funeral you are planning.

Funeral planning is very much like arranging a wedding except you’ve got a shorter window of time for the planning and preparations.

Here are some ideas to cut back expenses for a funeral of a loved one:

1. Cremation is less costly than burial because you won’t need an embalming, acquisition of a plot of land, or casket.

2. You can keep the ashes at a cemetery and purchase a small space to contain the ashes which is considerably less than a plot of land. The urn to hold the ashes is also less costly than a casket.

3. Have a relative or best friend provide the music solo or play music from a CD or recording.

4. If you or a friend are knowledgeable in funeral arrangements, you can opt to facilitate the funeral service yourself.

5. Consider having a family member officiate the funeral service. An officiator is the individual that helps the funeral service and can also present a eulogy or encouraging message.

6. Have the after funeral service reception at a home and ask family and friends to help prepare the food. Generally, family and friends are more than prepared to help during a time of loss.

7. By creating the funeral service program yourself, you can save a lot of money but still produce a wonderful cherished memorial of your loved one. You may also print the funeral service programs out yourself on your home computer rather than spend a good amount of money having them commercially printed.

Funeral program templates are inexpensive and you can purchase one for about $20.00. You can easily customize the pre designed funeral program template.

If you want to have a cover photo on the program, you will only need to import that and edit your text.The program will have a front AND back design as well as an insider page coordinating layout.

Most funeral service program resources only provide a cover design which is an incomplete presentation.

It gives a much nicer and professional presentation if the cover, back and inside pages are all designed.

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