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Home / Easy Funeral Prayer Cards

Easy Funeral Prayer Cards


Creating easy funeral prayer cards is as simple as pie. If you use templates, it can make this task so much easier and is also friendly on your pocketbook. They can come in an 8-up layout which meas you don’t have to print as may since there are multiples on one page.

They generally have a front and back side to them, the front being where the photo of the deceased is displayed and the back containing a special prayer, poem or even scripture verses. They are rather versatile since you can really place anything on the back of them, they don’t necessarily have to be a prayer.

So be creative and don’t not consider these because they indicate having a prayer on the back. Since the backside of the text is completely editable, you don’t have to be stuck with whatever is prewritten in the template. Change up the font style and color if you please, or add a clipart graphic if space permits.

The point is that templates make it quite easy still to make your own personal designs or elements. Add as much as you want to or keep it just as it is. It doesn’t take you very long to produce these since your just entering the text and inserting one photo.

Take your time or even if your in a time crunch, you can easily have these finished in no time flat. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to do it and no special skills are required.

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