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Home / Eulogy For a Friend – Funeral Speech Writing Tips

Eulogy For a Friend – Funeral Speech Writing Tips


It can really come as a surprise when you lose a friend, especially if it is someone who is close to your heart. A friend is like a sister or a brother that you never had. It would really be different sitting in your office or school cafeteria without your buddy. If you were to delivery a eulogy for a friend, then this is your chance to show how much you value your friendship. To get you started with your funeral speech, here is some quick advice.

How to write a eulogy for a friend

  • Create something that is personal. Write and speak from your heart. This way, ideas would flow out in the most natural way.
  • You can start off by sharing your unforgettable moments that you shared with your friend. You can talk about funny experiences that you shared together but make sure to keep your story decent.
  • You can use your grief to channel emotions during your speech but you can also create a much lighter and funny tone. This entirely depends on your preference.
  • Gather other information that you do not know about your friend that you can include in your funeral speech. Talk to his co-workers and relatives and get as much information as you can.
  • Describe your friend as you know him or her. Show a side of him that the audience may not know of. Share his secret hobby or something that is surprising of him to do.

Sample eulogy for a friend

You are more than a friend to me. Through thick and thin we have stayed together. Today, I will cry no more. I know that you would be up there looking after me all the time. To us gathered here, we are privileged to have known Jill, and may her life be an inspiration to all of us.

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