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Funeral and Memorial Poems For Mom


Losing a mother can be a painful experience in someone’s life. It can drive a son or daughter into deep sorrow and heartache. A beloved mother can never be replaced and her memories can have a lasting part in our minds.

The beauty about poems is that they can touch and tap into our deepest emotions through any type of event we may walk through in life. Most people are able to relate to poems because they contain words that we may be feeling expressed in an eloquent and beautiful fashion.

There are appropriate memorial poems for a mother or any loved one you may have lost. These poems speak of her love, care, and provision through life. In the book of Proverbs 31:28 in the Bible, it reads “Her children rise up and call her blessed.” Indeed, a mother’s role is unmeasurable and has lasting impact on her children.

Because she has provided such memories for you, its important to find a memorial poem that best fits who your mother was and what her character was like. Some poems will speak and recall times about mom that were more vivid in our memory.

Poems about a mother often note the special little things she did, the advice she would provide, or the sacrifices she made for you and her children. Because mothers play such a vital role in a child’s life, we commemorate her on Mother’s Day.

A memorial poem for mom may include anything that pays honor and tribute to her.  You may even consider writing your own poem for your mother and personalize it so that it includes many of the things she did as she was raising you or while she was with you.

If you were not particularly close to your mother, perhaps a poem that notes the things she loved to do, her hobbies, and what made her happy would be an appropriate selection.

A memorial poem for mother can be placed within the funeral or memorial program. It can also be used and incorporated within a short reading or eulogy at her memorial service. Poems are a popular way to express feelings and words that we may be short on during a period of mourning.

Poems have a beauty and grace about them in the way the words are formulated together. Memorial poems for mother can extend past the funeral or memorial service. When you are thinking of your mother, you may find poems that express missing her. Losing a mother will stir on many emotions and for every emotion, you will be able to find a poem that will relate to those feelings.

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