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Funeral booklets are multiple sheets of paper, typically letter size which are folded together to form a booklet. These are great memorial tributes to distribute which will house many important events and accomplishments of your loved one. You can place multiple pages of photo collages within as well as many family tributes. There is no limit on the amount of pages you can have but it will depend on your printing budget.

Creating funeral booklets from scratch may not be an easy task for some. Mainly because of the short time window one has to prepare a booklet in the funeral planning stage. It’s truly best to utilize a funeral booklet template which provides a layout and format that has taken most of the work from you. The only thing left to do in these types of templates is insert your text information and related photos.

Booklets can be a bit tricky to put together. If your planning to use Microsoft Word, it may take a little more planning than any other application. This is mainly because Word does not have the capability of creating booklets automatically. There are some helpful websites such as the one noted below that provide training on how to accomplish this. It’s not too difficult once your shown how to do so.

If your planning to print these from your own home printer, it is handy to have a printer that prints both sides at the same time. If you do not have this, then you will need to flip the page over in order to have printing on the opposite side.

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