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Funeral Bulletin Example


A great funeral bulletin example is a program that contains a 4-page layout formatted on a single sheet of letter size paper. The front contains the deceased photo with their name and date beneath the photo. This provides the initial identification of the loved one on the front cover. Some include where and when the service will be held as well as the officiant’s name.

The inside may display an obituary or biography. Often it is also accompanied with a photo of the deceased from various times in their life. The obituary can be as long or as short as you would like. It’s recommended that you write a detailed obituary, maybe a lengthier version than the one that was submitted to the media, if any. This is because the funeral bulletin will be something that is kept throughout the years and the only real tangible item you will have from the final celebration of your loved one.

The order of service is also noted along with the names of the participants. This is generally written after the obituary information. You may include interment and repast information following the order of service data. The back of the program is reserved for a special poem, selected scripture verses, pallbearer information, if applicable and the funeral home. Its appropriate to add photos as desired throughout the pages if room allows. Otherwise a few photos will suffice.

Funeral bulletins can easily be created by way of funeral bulletin templates so help facilitate the creation quickly and easily.

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