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Funeral Bulletins and Templates


A funeral bulletin is a pamphlet, generally a letter sized paper, folded in half which main purpose is to serve as a guide for the funeral attendees. It has increasingly becoming more popular to create these programs as a form of a type of memorial. More families are realizing that they would like to have a memento or keepsake from the final life celebration for their loved one.

Funeral bulletins are the perfect venue that can contain all those memorable items in one booklet. Because they already contain the obituary and order of funeral service within its contents, adding funeral poems, scripture, special acknowledgements and photos adds to the bulletin’s memorial package.

Because more families see the value of having a funeral program, they also want to create a beautiful looking program. It’s not as hard as you may think, especially if you utilize templates to assist in this process. Most templates come preformatted and predesigned so all you need to do is minimal. Minimal includes adding the text and any photos you desire to insert. It’s as easy as that!

There are now a variety of web resources where you can purchase these funeral bulletin templates. I recommend the template that have a complete design presentation which includes a front, back and coordinating inside design. These types of designs are professionally and the most appealing. Some offer only a front cover design, which lacks a back.

You can find literally all kinds of various styles and designs that you can think of or that best represents your loved one. It is a fact that families who create a funeral bulletin keep this item from the funeral service for many years. The program is cherished by the surviving family members and friends because it pays tribute to their dearly departed.

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