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Funeral Memorial Card Templates


Funeral memorial cards are half the size of a traditional, letter size funeral program which is how they were dubbed this name. These cards are available in a 2-up layout and can be used as a mini memorial service program. There are now templates available for these types of cards from a popular web resource online given below.

This type of funeral program layout is particularly handy because of their sizing. Because they are the size of note cards, you can mail them easily and tuck them inside a Bible or other scrapbook very simply. Most families use this type of card to place a photo of their loved one with a biography paragraph, a few scriptures, and poem.

You don’t have to place a photo of the deceased on the front cover if you do not desire, but rather, you can place a photo inside the card. Often these funeral memorial card templates provide a front and back design with a coordinating color on the inside pages. This memorial card is the perfect accompaniment to the traditional size program or distributed by itself.

They come in very beautiful and colorful designs or very simple ones that you can print on colored paper on your home black and white printer. You can use a 32 lb. paper to print your finished mini program card or purchase one of those Avery note card perforated paper at any office supply store. Using the perforated paper saves you from having to cut the paper in half to divide the two cards on the sheet.

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