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Funeral Memorial Cards or sometimes referred to as Acknowledgment Cards are used by the bereaved family to send to those who have been particularly helpful during a time of loss.

Family or friends who may have participated and assisted in the funeral service, meal preparation, transportation, or donated their time or money in some way are all good candidates for receiving such a card. These type of helping hands are a much needed comfort to the bereaved and funeral memorial cards is a way to express your gratitude and appreciation.

Some cards have a “Thank You” on the front or some do not have any type of wording at all. The inside is a simple note of thanks for their service or encouragement during a difficult time. No one is ever prepared for a funeral but it is inevitable for all of us to go through at some point in life.

When you have a group of people or even several persons who are willing to help during a crisis, it can be especially meaningful. The note of thanks in the funeral memorial cards does not need to be long and detailed. It can be as simple as a few sentences acknowledging your gratefulness of their assistance.

The most time efficient way to obtain funeral memorial cards is to create them yourself through the help of templates. These types of templates come in two cards per sheet format. You can purchase the notecard paper from any office supply store and generally come with the appropriate size envelopes.

The prices for card templates run approximately $20.00. You should not have to pay more than that price for a nice looking card design. Most people choose a funeral program and match the funeral memorial card to that theme. By using these templates, you can type in your message rather than handwrite all your cards. This is a much faster process that you can do or enlist the help of a friend or family member. Handwriting your name is a good personal touch to typed card messages.

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