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Funeral Program Template


More and more families are choosing to create memorial keepsakes using a funeral program template. This type of template will enable you to produce a program for a service. They come already formatted to a single fold, graduated, tri fold, or card layout which is quite convenient in saving you much time.

Choosing to use a template has many benefits. If you don’t want to design it from the beginning, this will give you a great short cut, saving time and energy on your end. This will be needed during the funeral planning phase since often families do not get much time arranging a funeral.

You can get a funeral program template to edit in Word, Publisher or even on a MAC. We recommend Apple iWork Pages for editing it on MAC OSX. The beauty of templates is that you do not have to buy any new software or learn a new type of program. You can use programs such as the above which should already be on your computer.

Look for a website that offers all three of the program templates in case you change your mind on which software you want to use to edit it. This is a very important because often times you may start working on the program in Word and then decide you want to use Publisher instead.

In essence, a funeral program template can greatly help a family undergoing the funeral planning process. It is a wise investment of your money and you can purchase a good quality program for less than $30.

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