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Funeral programs can be as simple as a letter size paper, handwritten and folded in half or as elaborate as an engraved invitation obituary. It isn’t necessary to have a funeral program for all memorial services, of course, but there are many reasons why its desirable to do so.

If the service is a religious one, it can serve as a form of instruction, helping people who are unfamiliar with the order of service to find their way easily and comfortably through the service. it could also include the words for song or hymns, prayers, and readings. If the service is a secular, non-religious one, it will inform people of the flow and order of service, who will be presenting, sharing or delivering the obituary, and what the title of music and lyrics will be played.

For more complicated services, funeral programs are a necessity. For example, if a funeral service were to take place on a boat, the funeral program could explain how the ashes would be scattered, by whom, locations of the boat’s destination points and order in which they will arrive. It helps keep the attendees informed and notified of the events.

Here is a simple example of a memorial format for a basic program:

o The name of the deceased

o A photo of the deceased

o Age, date of birth and date of death

o Name and address of the location where the service will be held

o Date and/or time of the service

o Name of officiant who will be leading the service

The order of service may include:

o Names of speakers

o Prayers or readings presented and by whom

o Hymns or other musical selections in the funeral service

o Instructions about standing or sitting, if applicable

o Invitation to a lunch or after funeral service reception gathering

Funeral programs can also be an extension of the memorial service in which you can include a written poem or reading from a family member of friend. You can also include a special written work by the deceased. Essentially, the funeral program can include anything you would like to share with attendees that highlight the deceased or look more closely into his or her life. Remember that it is a celebration of their life, their accomplishments, and the people they have touched.

Sometimes, funeral programs can contain more information or photos and can be put together in booklet format. There truly are no bounds in creating funeral programs. You can make it as elaborate as you’d like depending on how much time and assistance you may have to devote to the project.

There are many beautiful funeral program templates that you can purchase to assist you in accomplishing this task. The templates are good because they give you a step ahead by laying the foundation of the design for you. Often you just have to place the text and photos.

Whatever design you create for your loved one’s funeral program, know that it will become a treasured keepsake and something people may keep as a remembrance of the deceased for a long time.

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