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Funeral Stationery, Thank You Notes


Sending thank you notes following a funeral or memorial service is a time honored tradition. Thanking the people who came to the service, sent condolence cards and funeral flowers can also be part of the healing process. Thank you notes give the bereaved a chance to once again share their memories of the deceased with others and remember them in a special way.

To honor the deceased in an extraordinary way, each piece of keepsake stationery can mirror the individual qualities that made that person distinct. Each prayer card, funeral register book and even the thank you notes can be reflective of the life that was lived. Creating personalized funeral stationery that matches the interests, hobbies, occupation, or religious background is now possible.

While many thank you notes are standard from funeral home to funeral home because of the limitation of pre-printed stationery, creating thank you notes from blank stock is much less constraining and the results are astronomically better.

Thank you notes and other personalized stationery can now be created using hundreds of different pre-designed and pre-formatted templates. Utilizing blank stock, a laser printer and some easy to use print-on demand software, death care professionals are able to create personalized keepsake items that tell a life story.

Everything needed for a personalized service from start to finish can be printed in-house with no need to inventory the generic, pre-printed stock of the golden days of funeral home stationery. With the latest funeral technology you can print what you want, when you need it, directly onto blank stock — quickly and easily.

What makes an individual unique should be part of their life celebration. There’s no more fitting tribute than personalized thank you notes and other unique funeral stationery.

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