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Funeral Thank You Cards


After a loved one has passed away, sometimes it can be difficult to respond immediately to the condolence cards. Some surviving family members say they may not even have the heart to open cards right after the death. Although the cards certainly are appreciated, the condolence cards may not always be read all at once.

If you find that you are not able to read the condolence cards right away, you can place them in a basket or box until you are feeling up to it. Some survivors even place the cards they receive inside scrapbooks. To respond to the condolence cards you receive, you may want to send thank you cards to anyone who sent donations, flowers, food, or other gifts of kindness.

You can write a short, personal note expressing your gratitude. You can write “Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated” or “My family always has considered you a close friend, thank you for your kindness.” Sending thank you notes after a funeral is more than having good manners. It’s about connecting with the people who care about you and your welfare as you journey on a new path.

To simplify the process of sending thank you cards, consider using thank you card templates. You can personalize a message by using your computer. These templates come formatted with two cards per sheet which allows you to print on demand as you need them.

You can also purchase accompanying envelopes for the paper. Creating your funeral thank you cards is a big help and can be a lending arm of assistance during a difficult time.

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