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Graduated Fold Funeral Programs


The graduated fold funeral programs or sometimes also referred to as step or cascade fold, offer a unique presentation and are very beautiful when assembled. It is an option for those seeking a truly special funeral obituary program. Amazingly, these programs are printed on just a letter size 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and the graduation occurs in the folding process.

You can find graduated programs in either a four page or two page layout. The four page layout offers three tabs on the right size where you can customize the words for each tab. Whereas, the two page graduated program only has one tab which is typically used for the deceased full name.

The larger four page program utilizes two sheets of letter size paper, printed on both sides. The folding must be done manually since most folding machines do not fold in the different variations of the graduation. The side tabs can be customized to say whatever you’d like to title them as. Generally, they indicate what is going to be on the pages within those tabs.

You can remove the coloration on the bars, if desired. The coloring on the side tabs does allow for better coordination with the front cover design. However, if you are trying to conserve ink color copying, then by all means, you can just remove them for a more simple presentation.

The graduated funeral program is elegant and different from the traditional fold programs. The beauty of it is that you can still achieve this look through the use of graduated fold program templates which is available at the resource below.

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