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Great Funeral Readings


There are many different kinds of funeral readings you can use for a memorial service. You can read from the Bible scriptures, a written work that a special friend or family member wrote, or funeral poetry. Readings are included into every memorial service program. There can be two or three readings within a ceremony but that will be determined by the clergy of the person who is officiated the service. You can make suggestions however and give them your own personal preference. The clergy would normally allow the wishes of the family members.

You can designate who you want to do the reading. It’s recommended that you appoint three different family members or close friends to do the reading. They can read directly from a notepad and they do not need to memorize anything. The important thing is what the words of the reading says not so much whether or not they know it by heart.

The funeral order of service programs are the bulletins that contain all the information about the funeral ceremony and burial. Depending on the type of ceremony, the length of the order can vary greatly. Catholic services tend to have a longer funeral ritual and therefore this can span up to four pages within your program. Non-religious ceremonies can take up to one page on the program but it leaves you much room for other items such as photo collages, funeral poetry, lyrics for funeral songs and family tributes. You also have the choice to minimize the service flow of events and condense it if you feel like you can eliminate some of the detailed items in the order. As long as people have something to go by, it doesn’t really matter if your exact in the flow or order of service information. It is always up to the family to do it up however you see fit.

In Christian services, funeral hymns are so encouraging to the listener because it is uplifting and provides hope of life after death. The concept of heaven and being present with the Lord Jesus Christ is more than one can imagine and is based all on faith. It’s important to understand what the bible says on the subject of death and where the believer will go after they leave this earth. When you know this or remember what God’s Word says on the subject, you are hopeful that you will one day be reunited with your loved one again. It isn’t a final goodbye, just a temporary separation. It’s an amazing thing and you have to believe in order to know the feeling of walking by faith and not by sight. Christians love to listen to such music because it can really minister to their spirit. The bible provides the same feeling if you just believe.

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