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A home going service is a type of funeral service that is religious-based, where the focus is on the deceased “going home” to see God, and going to heaven.  This type of service is very similar to a traditional funeral.  It is an upbeat and joyous service, usually with a lot of religious singing and praising. 

The components of the home going service can include some of the same elements as a traditional funeral.    Procession and Prayers are given. The service has several funeral hymns and gospel songs.  Very often, favorite hymns are sung, and choirs and guest singers are often invited to sing.  There are funeral scripture readings (usually both old and new testaments), and funeral resolutions are presented.  Eulogies and brief tributes are given, and are usually of an informal nature, with close friends and relatives reminiscing about funny stories and fond memories.  Sometimes a brief sermon is preached to give comforting words to the bereaved and to remind the congregation that their loved one has gone on to heaven.

Home going (or funeral) programs and other printed materials are almost always distributed at home going ceremonies.  A homegoing program is a printed document that typically contains the service information (or order of service), the obituary or biography, favorite poems or scriptures and photos of the deceased and their family members. These programs can be as simple as a basic one page bi-fold, or an elaborate, beautifully-designed multi-page booklet.   These funeral or homegoing programs are kept as keepsakes that are cherished for years to come.  In addition to homegoing program booklets, prayer cards, bookmarks and other keepsakes may also be distributed.

Usually, a reception or repast occurs after the services, which can be held at a private home, church or community center.  This is where friends and family members of the deceased can fellowship, and continue to share stories and memories.  So, instead of a traditional, somber funeral, consider a home going service that focuses on celebrating the deceased’s life and his entrance into heaven help ease the pain of losing a loved one.

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