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How to Write a Funeral Poem For Dad


It can really be sad and devastating to know that a person as important as your dad has passed away. The grief and desperation can really come at a time when you least expect it. The overwhelming emotions can really get to you but you can actually channel these emotions into a more positive and creative output. You can create funeral poems for your dad, which you can deliver during his eulogy. He would truly be proud. If you have some writing skills, here are some tips to get you started.

How to write funeral poems for dad

o Think about the experiences that you shared with your dad and the happy moments that you spent together. You can incorporate this in your funeral poem.

o Create a picture of your dad when writing a funeral poem by talking about his characters and how he is like to be a dad

o Your poem should be something personal. Keep the words free flowing and do not restrict yourself with the meter of poems. You do not have to be too technical in writing a funeral poem. Just make sure that it has some rhythm.

o You can get inspiration by reading eulogy poems online. You can use the examples as a guide in writing your own poem.

o Choose a tone for your funeral poem. It can be something light, or something that is full of hope and gratitude.

o Write down your first draft of the poem and read it out loud. Practice delivering it and edit some words that may sound off.

Sample funeral verse for dad

You are the pillar of my strength

And with you I don’t have to pretend

You always loved me for who I am

And stayed with me until the end

I am happy I got you as a dad!

You would always be in my heart

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