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How Will Your Obituary Read?

Do you think this is a silly question to ask?

When you stop using oxygen and your spirit leaves this meat suit we call a body to go on to another place, What would you like your obituary to say about you and the way you lived the life you were given? Seriously, does anyone want it to read “Chuck dropped dead yesterday, he was miserable and mean to his wife and kids. Everything was always about him. Chucks boss regretted hiring him because he was such a pain in the neck and never ever followed directions. He was stingy, greedy, rude and arrogant. Most people and even stray dogs crossed the street when they seen him walking toward them. May God have mercy on your soul, and we’re glad you’re gone.”

I would hope not, and doubt anyone would say those things even if they were true, however I challenge you to try an experiment that may forever change the way people in your world see you… and maybe more importantly the way you see yourself.


Respect and honesty: You can NOT ask immediate family or close friends… they are too close… they will not wish to say anything that may hurt and will choose to be gentle and nice. (That’s what they should do anyways!)…RESPECT THEM don’t ask them to get involved, you want honesty.

Trust and acceptance: Who then can you trust to give honest answers to a few questions that would also know enough about you? (This is a tougher question, but very important)…Trust the person and the answers given are done so from LOVE…. Then graciously accept any and all responses or criticisms given.

3 Questions

Can you give me 3 words that describe me?
What do you like most about me?
What do you like the least about me?

The challenge is to get at least a dozen or more index cards and write the questions on them… maybe to make it more fun, make a bunch and offer to give them some cards for participating in your experiment.

The point of the exercise is to gain insight on what others see in you and point toward areas that you may need to put forth a little more effort to be that obituary that inspires others to live better lives.

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