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Memorial Template


A memorial template is a pre-designed layout which includes a background image and complimentary color themes. They are helpful in assisting you in the creation of a program for your loved one.

These types of templates are becoming more popular since they save you time and money. You are able to enter the text or order of service and print it yourself, therefore having more control over the contents and printing of the program template. There types of templates are available on the web but vary in pricing from $19.95-$49.95.

You can get a memorial template in either Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Apple iWork. Microsoft Word is the best type of template to purchase since it is a universal application that almost every computer has installed.

It is also important to select a template that best fits your loved one’s personality. This will be the one keepsake that every attendee will receive as you highlight and celebrate your loved one’s life. Creating a special program will highlight your loved one’s life for family and friends.

The contents and outline of a memorial program could consist of the following sections:

Opening– Select music and/or songs to set the mood. Perhaps a favorite song of the deceased. You can have a CD, soloist, or instrumentalist perform the music.

Readings–Readings can consist of scriptures for those who plan a religious service. You may also have readings from selective poems, or short works from the deceased or family member.

Music–The attendees can participate in hymns or songs. A soloist may also sing a favorite selection from the deceased at this point as well.

Eulogy– A designated speaker or speakers give a presentation. This should be personalized, remember the life and accomplishments of the deceased. Those in attendance can also offer testimonials or share in a special memory of the deceased.

Presentation– Any other special presentation like a video, photos sharing, or slideshow can be presented. Candles can also be lit after the presentation is completed.

Closing– The officiant can say a few closing

Graveside– Prayers can be said at graveside for the deceased. Music can also be used with hymns sung and prayers given.

Celebration– Family and friends gather together in the home, church,  or special place where a meal is shared in celebration of the loved one’s life.

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