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Printable bookmarks are a great inexpensive way to create a memorial tribute for someone who has just passed or for making a unique and special gift. In order to create them, you can use a template so that you are able to print them to your own home or office printer.

The templates will come in an assortment of designs that will enable you to customize them by placing a special poem, scripture verse or unique saying on the back of them. You can also add a photo there if you wish. Printing them on cardstock would be best if you are not planning to laminate the bookmarks. The cardstock paper holds up well and will be durable throughout its use. You may also just print them on regular copy paper if you plan to laminate them after printing. Laminating always adds longer lasting durability to the bookmarks since they preserve them so well.

Printable bookmarks can be done in color or black and white or you can print one side in color and the other in black and white to save cost, if desired. There are some flexibility to these templates as you can see, plus they are cost effective which is always a plus!

You can download them immediately if your going to use a template. Make sure you download the file onto your desktop for easy finding and then open it up from the application your template is compatible with. You can also add a ribbon at the top of each for a nice finishing touch!

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