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Religious prayer cards are a wonderful item to memorialize a loved one. There are many different types of designs you can get for this type of cards. You can find a set of eight to one sheet with a variety of different religious figures such as St. Anthony, Blessed Mary, Jesus, and other saints of the faith.

The cards can come preprinted and so all you would need to do is put in your information on the back and print it in black and white. There are many beautiful cards but the ones from Italian designer, Fratelli Bonella is our favorite and top choice. These religious cards are beautiful and have touches of gold and silver within the front design.

They come perforated so after printing, you can carefully separate each card. There are some web resources that offer customizing these for you and you will just indicate to them what wording or prayer you would like on the back side. This type of religious prayer card doesn’t really need laminating but you can do so if you want it to be more durable. The original perforated paper is not too heavy of a stock weight and over a period of time can be worn. Laminating preserves it and gives you a longer lasting keepsake.

You can distribute these simple reminders to family and friends. You can put a prayer of encouragement on the back side or some verses from the Bible. Because its a handy size, you can easily tote them around with you inside a pocket, purse or wallet.

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