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Sample Funeral Obituary


Viewing a sample funeral obituary is helpful prior to writing an obituary. What does the obituary format contain? A funeral obituary is not a necessity but below outlines some reasons why you may want to write one:

A funeral obituary is often seen as an invitation to the upcoming funeral or memorial service. You can note the location, date and time of the funeral service at the bottom of the obituary. Having it listed within the obituary will send out a global notification of the service and death notification.

An obituary is a permanent record. Many people save the obituary as a keepsake or memorial of the deceased and keep it for many years.

An obituary is a chance to celebrate a person’s life and accomplishments.

A description of death and cause is optional but can be included if you like. Note the date and place of birth and the surviving family members by name and relation.

Write a summary of their profession, where they attended school, service to the community, military service and faith. Memberships are good to note and any involvements in specific clubs. A short message from the bereaved family members may be noted after the chronology of the life of the deceased.

The funeral service’s date, time, and location are noted at the bottom of the obituary. Include the name of the officiant, if desired, and the place of burial.

You can publish the obituary of the deceased within funeral programs to share with all attendees. If you submitted a shorter version to the newspaper due to space limitations, the memorial funeral program serves as a good venue of publishing the obituary in its entirety.

By utilizing funeral program templates, you can be done with the creation of the funeral program in no time!

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