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Home / Software to Create Funeral Memorial Candles

Software to Create Funeral Memorial Candles


Funeral candles add comforting light and warmth to a memorial or funeral service. When they’re personalized with photos, poetry, quotations or sacred text, they become a keepsake that’s worthy of display afterward.

Lighting memorial candles has long been a part of a funeral service. Their flickering flames, symbolic of life, add comfort and a sense of occasion to the proceedings. Tapers and votives, traditionally used in religious services, are also popular for use in the home. They span the gap between religious and secular services, and are appropriate for any type of memorial or funeral service.

Memorial candles are designed to be used during the service, as well, but they’re also intended to be a lasting tribute to the deceased. Adding one or more favorite photos, a personal quote or a quotation from literature, a poem or religious verse creates a very personal, meaningful memento.

Funeral candles can be personalized by adding pictures and text into a specialized glass candle holder designed to accept paper inserts. Using paper as a medium allows anyone with a printer and software to create a memorial candle. Software created for customizing funeral stationery makes it easy to add photos, images and text on paper that is placed directly on the candle or into a holder. In addition, such software coordinates the candle with other items of funeral stationery such as programs and thank-you cards. It also offers themes as a background for the photos and text.

The simplest method of personalizing a funeral candle is to use a funeral software program that has pre-formatted templates that can print the inserts for the holder. In this way, it’s possible to create any number of inserts from photos, images and text. With a square holder, the candle can display four different inserts. For example, a favorite photo on one side, an image representing a hobby on a second side, and text on the third and fourth sides. It’s a simple matter to change the photos and text to make a different memorial candle for each family member.

Personalized memorial candles make thoughtful gifts for anyone, but especially for those unable to attend the funeral service. Adding photos and text that are meaningful to each person is a lovely way to honor a connection to the deceased. Candles placed in holders can be burned without disturbing the printed effects, making the customized holders a truly lasting memorial.

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