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What Are the Pros and Cons of Prepaid Funeral Plans?


So you’re interested in making some prepaid funeral plans? That’s great news, but how do you know if it’s worth it or not? There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to making arrangements like these, so it’s important to know if it’s in your interest or not before signing up to one of these plans.

So what exactly is there to gain from signing up to one of these prepaid plans?

Well one of the biggest benefits is economically. This type of arrangement can – under the right circumstances – actually save you a lot of money. However be wary of some of the hidden fees some of these prepaid funeral plans may contain. The average cost of a modern memorial service is roughly three and a half thousand pounds, and this rises year upon year.

With one of these plans you can pay the price up front, or in the form of monthly installments. Monthly installments is a good option, but it could work out slightly more expensive than paying a lump sum. All in all, most of these plans work out as a cheaper option than a normal funeral plan would. So money-wise they are a great option.

The other great advantage of signing up to prepaid funeral plans is they allow you to arrange your very own ceremony. For example, you can choose the exact type of funeral you want, the music you want played or the hymns you want sung. You can even choose the plot where you are too be buried if you like!

This means you have the greatest possible control over how you bow out of this world, which is far nicely than other people deciding for you. The other bonus is that it means friends and relatives will not have to carry out the arrangements in a difficult time for them. Instead, prepaid funeral plans already take this load off of your’s and their minds.

So that’s two of the great aspects of this kind of plan. But what are the disadvantages?

Well unfortunately some of these plans are not as plain sailing as they first seem. Usually they are full of small print, and steep penalties. Make sure you check for hidden charges and the range of services the plan covers before you sign up to anything. Be extra careful of cancellation fees, as if you start the plan then change your mind, you may find these to be very unpleasant!

So one problem is some prepaid funeral plans have hidden costs, but another disadvantage is the quality of the service provided, especially if you’ve bought a plan through a large national organization. They may not provide as considerate service as say a small family-owned local business would. When it comes to matters like these, dignity, decorum and sensitivity are needed, but the idea of prepaid plans and clients can sometimes hamper the quality of care by some providers.

To conclude, these services have plenty of pros and cons to them. Your best bet would be to do plenty of research before you sign up to anything!

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