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Writing a Funeral Speech for Grandmother


We are all very close to our grandparents probably because they love and pamper us more than our parents. When you lose a grandparent, it is like losing a pillar of strength. When parents are busy with their jobs, children often find solace and company in the form of grand parents. This is a special bonding, which you remember even when you grow up. The death of your grandparent can be a rude shock but you can pay tribute to your grand parent by writing a funeral speech for him/her.

If you are writing a funeral speech for your grandmother, you can start by mentioning her qualities for which you remember her. You can include the happy times that you spent with her and how she used to inspire you and your friends. You can include the mannerisms and traits, which influenced you. You may mention the things for which you will now miss her.

A funeral speech for your grand mother can include the mention of her friends and the way they have inspired you to be the person that you are presently. You can talk about what your grand mother has done for your family and everyone else. You may mention her generosity, kindness and love. You may write a funeral poem praising her friendly and caring nature.

Writing a personal eulogy can be relieving as you put your grief in words and express your gratitude towards your grand mother. However, if you are unable to write down a funeral speech for your grand mother yourself, then you can take the help of the internet, where there are several sample funeral speeches available. You may even take down touching funeral poems in order to express your love for your grand mother. There is nothing better than comforting words that work towards consoling a mourning family. Therefore, reading out sensibly written funeral speeches are the best way to console the death of a dear one.

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