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Writing a Pet Obituary


Today, there are so many different ways available to memorialize your pet. From pet grave markers to elaborate memorial services, pet owners have finally stopped apologizing for their grief and finally taken steps to remember their pets in the way they see fit. One of the ways to express your love and grief for your pet is through writing a pet obituary.

Some local newspapers will publish these obituaries, but if not, there are some online pet memorial sites devoted entirely to topic, designed to help write and publish an obit for your pet. Writing an obituary for your animal companion can be difficult, particularly if you are overwhelmed with grief over your pet loss. However, most writing is therapeutic, so the process can be somewhat healing and cleansing, helping you to come to terms with your grief and your overall loss.

To write the obituary for your pet memorial, you can either sit down with a template and fill in the blanks or just start writing. While traditional obits require a format of some sort, most sites just want a heartfelt write up of how your pet affected your life and what they meant to you. You can pour your heart out about the good times you shared and maybe even cite two or three of your favorite memories. The obituary shouldn’t be more than 1,000 words, just to ensure that you don’t expend too much energy on such a long document that may not be read or fully appreciated because of its length.

You want to include core information in your online pet memorial obits, such as the name of your pet, what kind of pet they were (if it isn’t obvious), their breed, age and then some information personality traits and/or quirks. This is the best part of any obituary, be it for a human or animal. This is where you learn about the type of pet they were and how they interacted within the confines of your family. Moreover, this is where you get to tell the world what an amazing pet you had and how thankful you are for their presence in your life.

You might also opt to publish a few photos of your pet alongside the obituary to add a uniquely personal touch, though if the obituary costs any money to be published, this might be an extra charge. You can also use the pet obituary as a way to announce a pet memorial service. If this is the case, you might mention the name of your pet grave marker so that friends and family may visit the spot in which your pet is buried. Or if you chose to instead have your pet cremated and placed into a pet urn, you can instead invite loved ones to share their memories of your pet with you via email or letters or even a friendly phone call.

There are many ways to remember the life of your pet through various forms of pet memorials. Writing an obituary is but one way to express the genuine love and affection you had for your pet and to let the world know how much they will be missed.

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